Understanding Premises Liability and Dog Bites in California

September 14, 2018
You and your family will probably attend many outdoor events and parties before the summer officially ends. Sometimes at these occasions, other people will bring their dogs. If you have small children or a large family, it’s important that you inform everyone on how to approach unfamiliar dogs, in order to avoid dog bites in … Read More Read More

How Have Product Liability Claims Adapted to New Safety Technologies?

August 14, 2018
Our modern world has quickly turned into a digital interface where all of our problems can quickly be solved. Autonomous, self-learning and artificially intelligent products have simplified so many things for us, but they have also made things more complicated in the legal world. Even though these technologies have offered may safety benefits that have … Read More Read More

What Factors Lead to an Increase in Car Accidents During the Summer?

July 14, 2018
Summer time symbolizes freedom for teenagers and the excitement of summer holidays and warm weather for adults. Unfortunately, with this increase in traveling and partying comes the increase in car accidents and related injuries. There are various factors that result in this period of time between Memorial Day and Labor Day, also known as the … Read More Read More

Where Are My Children at Risk for Catastrophic Injuries?

June 14, 2018
If you have children, you understand how scary being a parent can sometimes be. As your children grow, you will start to realize that you have to let them explore the world around them, and with this exploration, injuries can occur. These injuries can be harmless or catastrophic, but either way, you have a responsibility … Read More Read More

What Kinds of Issues do Mobilehome Tenants Face?

May 14, 2018
The state of California is home to a large real estate market that includes many types of lodging for California residents. Mobilehome communities deal with their own complex real estate issues, such as landlord and tenant disputes and lease disagreements. If you are interested in renting or owning a mobilehome in California, it’s important that … Read More Read More