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  • They made it seem effortless.
    I can't thank Anthony and Haedin enough! They were always available to answer my questions, always thorough and professional. From start to finish everything went smooth and they made it seem effortless. Thank you guys!

    - Alex V.

  • I feel blessed to be acquainted with Mr. Cardoza.

    I have never met a more compassionate, caring person than Anthony Cardoza. His mannerism is beyond all expectations. His knowledge is above all. I feel blessed to be acquainted with Mr. Cardoza. Thank you so very much.

    [From a former client's Great-Grandmother]

    Stewart Grandma Handwritten Thank You 2)

    - Patricia S.

  • My outcome was best case scenario
    As a Utah company faced with litigation in CA, Mark Habib was a referral from a colleague. Not knowing what to expect going into this case, I could not have been more pleased.

    Not only were Mark and his team extremely efficient and professional, but I believe they were frugal with my retainer as well, making the most of all interactions. He expressed confidence he could get us out of the case with no money out of pocket, and did just that.

    While my outcome was best case scenario, I confidently recommend working with this law firm of seasoned attorneys for any legal need.

    - Leslie W.

  • So pleased with the outcome
    Represented in a criminal case aginst Butte county.
    The best law firm I have ever worked with! Cardoza was easy to talk with, clear and answered all questions I had so that I could understand what was going on. Haedin was always available to answer questions and was such a pleasure. My BF was in prison all ready and facing quite a bit of time. What could have been years of additional time because of this butte county case coming up ended up being months. With everything i had heard about the infamous Butte county court system I was so worried but in the end these guys made it seem like a walk in the park. We are both so pleased with the outcome. Thank you.

    - Leanna H.

    Categories: Criminal Defense
  • Thank you!
    I was recommended a few attorney's from family and friends, after some research Anthony Cardoza was the overwhelming choice out of those names. He is someone that is unquestionably professional and skilled but also a respected member of the community which is relevant when considering someone that is advocating on your behalf. Anyone looking for the best criminal representation in Chico look no further than Anthony Cardoza. Thank you Anthony.

    - Adam G.

  • Eternally appreciate his hard work he had done!
    Anthony Cardoza is very professional lawyer. He took over our case ,after we got bad experience with former lawyer .He provided excellent service.We are eternally appreciate his hard work he had done!

    - Inna P.

  • We are eternally grateful
    We are eternally grateful for Anthony Cardoza's hard work.We highly recommend him to everyone who needs help.He is professional,efficient,patient and personable. He puts in all his effort and does the BEST he can.

    - Mikhail P.

  • Highly recommend!
    Was extremely relieved that I hired Anthony Cardoza to represent me. He handled all aspects of my criminal case with confidence which was comforting. I was very pleased with the results. I highly recommend Mr Cardoza and would most definitely hire him again.

    - Lindsi D.

    Categories: Criminal Defense
  • I am very pleased with the outcome.
    I am very pleased with the outcome and want to thank Anthony Cardoza for all you have done. I will get to be with my granddaughter once again eventually. That is what I am thankful for.

    - Kathleen O.

  • We couldn't have asked for a better law firm to represent us.
    Best Lawyers in Chico!!  We had a consultation with Lia Juhl-Rhodes and we couldn't have asked for a better lawyer and law firm to represent us. Lia is a true professional, her knowledge is superior and her rate is competitive & fair.

    - Jim & Andrea Z.

  • He was a life saver!
    Having Mr. Cardoza as my son's attorney was the difference between a potential life sentence as an adult, verses a 1 1/2 year juvenile sentence. Tony spent his time, resources, and vast knowledge to get my son's case moved from a direct filed adult case to a juvenile case. He took the time to get to know my son and took his well being personally. He was a life saver!

    - Kaari M.

    Categories: Criminal Defense
  • Thank you!
    I obtained Anthony when I received my second DUI, but luckily it had been over 10yrs since my last one. Even though I knew it would be viewed as a 1st offense, I was a nervous wreck, losing sleep and constantly worrying until Anthony Cardoza took me on as a client. I didn't have to step foot into the courtroom during the whole process. I was also granted use of an ankle monitor instead of actually having to turn myself in for two days. Although I feel communications could have been better(back and forth) I am happy with the outcome and result of the whole matter. Feel free to shop around for the cost of a DUI attorney, and I feel you will call him back to handle your case. I also hired his assistant to handle the DMV hearing, I was able to drive two more months before having the decision of the hearing not go in our favor.

    - Jonathan T.

    Categories: Criminal Defense
  • I have complete & total confidence in this firm
    i was recommended to this firm by a Sacramento firm and the high reports are justified. The firm is very ethical and conscientious. There are high standards, cordiality, respect and honesty. I have complete and total confidence in this firm.

    - Jeanne H.