Back To School Driving Safety

two women in front seat of a car, buckling their seatbelts

Keeping Children Safe

It's back-to-school school time! This can be an exciting time for kids, but it can also be a little nerve-wracking for parents. It's normal for parents to be concerned about children's safety when they're driving. In this blog, learn several back-to-school driving safety tips that will help keep your children safe on the road.

Slow Down in School Zones

Slow down when you see a school zone sign. Remember, the speed limit is there for a reason—it’s the safest speed to travel in that area. Driving at higher speeds may prevent you from being able to stop in time if a child darts out from between parked cars.

Don't Pass School Buses

If you're rushing to get to your destination, you may be tempted to pass a school bus. Doing so, however, is not worth risking a child’s life. It's illegal to pass a school bus that is stopped to pick up or drop off children. The only time you can legally pass a school bus is if the bus is on the other side of a divided highway and there is no traffic coming from the opposite direction.

Be cautious Around School Crossings

A crossing guard is there for a reason—to help children safely cross the street. Be prepared to stop when you see a crossing guard waving a stop sign. Don’t try to speed up and beat the light—you could end up hitting someone.

Watch for Children Walking and Riding bikes

Children walking to school or riding their bikes may not always be paying attention. They may not be looking for cars, so it’s important that you are extra cautious.

By following these back-to-school driving safety tips, you can help keep children safe on their way to and from school.

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