California Car Accident Guide

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California is a natural wonder. Whether you are a tourist or a local, the Golden State offers scenic mountain views, rugged coastlines, and beautiful beaches. However, as temperatures are steadily rising in the state, so are the number of car crashes.

Although tourists flock from across the country to visit, there are potential traffic dangers that may arise, and they could be fatal. In fact, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) Fatality Fact Report revealed that California is known for having the highest number of motor vehicle-related fatalities – with 3,316 fatal crashes and 3,606 deaths in 2019. While these numbers are shocking, it’s crucial to understand what factors may have led to these deadly crashes.

What Are The Leading Causes?

Crash fatalities have spiked over the years, and this can be attributed to driving error, negligent driver behaviors, and reckless driving. While not every accident can be avoided, drivers need to be aware of these dangerous driving behaviors that could lead to a severe accident. While many hazardous behaviors contribute to crashes, several stand out as the primary causes of traffic fatalities.

  • Speeding.

  • Improper lane changes.

  • Driving while impaired.

  • Distracted driving.

  • Disobeying traffic signs and signals.

  • Reckless driving.

  • Drowsy driving.

Common Car Accident Injuries

After an accident, your body will have a surge of adrenaline and endorphins, and you may wish not to seek medical attention. However, this is a mistake that many people make after a crash. The surge of adrenaline can mask even the most severe pain and injuries and often cause delayed injuries after a collision. In some cases, physical injuries may not appear until weeks after the accident. That’s why after any crash, it’s essential to seek medical assistance immediately.

Did you know that between 2008 and 2017, 31,919 people died, and 115,539 people were seriously injured in crashes on California roadways? Being involved in a collision can be a traumatic experience; oftentimes, if the impact of the crash is severe, car accident survivors can sustain catastrophic injuries that will change their lives forever.

Here are the most common injuries sustained in crashes in California:

  • Spinal cord injury.

  • Neck injuries.

  • Soft tissue injuries.

  • Back injuries.

  • Paralysis.

  • Burns.

  • Internal bleeding.

  • Lacerations.

  • Whiplash.

  • Broken bones.

  • Loss of limbs.

  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Steps To Follow After a Crash

The initial shock from a crash can leave you feeling scattered, and it may be difficult to make a proper decision. However, there are important steps to take in order for you to get compensation for your damages.

  • Pullover away from the collision and get to safety.

  • Assess yourself and check on your passengers for injuries.

  • If you or another passenger is injured, seek medical attention.

  • Call 911 and be sure to answer any questions.

  • Exchange information.

  • Document the scene.

  • Contact an experienced attorney to discuss your options.

File a Personal Injury Claim In California

If you or a loved one was injured in a motor vehicle accident, you may want to consider filing a personal injury lawsuit against the third party that caused the accident. It may seem daunting, but filing a claim with an experienced personal injury attorney can help you get the results you deserve after a collision.

Contact a Chico Car Accident Attorney

After a car accident, it is essential that you work with an attorney who understands your personal injury case. An experienced attorney should be familiar with insurance settlement negotiations and recognize the importance of accident investigations. If you were involved in a motor vehicle accident, Peters, Habib, McKenna, Juhl-Rhodes & Cardoza, LLP is here to help you throughout the legal process.

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