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When recovering from a personal injury, many unforeseen expenses can materialize. For example, you may require months medical treatment and therapies, making it difficult for you to maintain a normal lifestyle. Similarly, repairing property damage can be expensive. It could be months before your property is fully mended, and restoration costs are usually steep enough to hurt your finances. However, it is possible for you to afford proper treatment and retain your current standard of living. An experienced attorney can help you file a personal injury claim and secure a strong financial settlement. A personal injury attorney in Chico, CA who understands the magnitude of your situation can use the laws to benefit your case.

Personal Injury Law Practice Areas

The attorneys at Peters, Habib, McKenna, Juhl-Rhodes & Cardoza, LLP focus on a wide variety of personal injury cases. They include:

  • Automobile accidents. The most common personal injury cases involve car accidents, bicycle accidents, commercial vehicle accidents, motorcycle accidents and pedestrian accidents.
  • Wrongful death. After a fatal accident, the family of the deceased can file a wrongful death suit and claim damages for their loss. It is typically the spouse, children or parents of the deceased who can make this claim.
  • Catastrophic injuries. A catastrophic injury is defined as the physical consequences of an accident that prevent you from fulfilling gainful employment. Examples of a catastrophic injury include severe burns, head trauma and spinal cord disorders.
  • Workplace accidents. While you expect your workplace to be safe, accidents are inevitable. Construction accidents, accidents on unsafe premises, slip and fall accidents and defective products are all examples of personal injury cases that pertain to the workplace.

Why Hire an Attorney for a Personal Injury Claim?

Although it is tempting to forgo legal representation, there are areas where a Chico injury attorney can be helpful. For instance, many smaller personal injury claims are handled out of court. A lawsuit is never filed, and instead a settlement is reached. If you are handling this yourself, then you might make a demand too soon and weaken your settlement offer. Alternatively, the insurance company may try to persuade you that a low offer is the best that you can receive.

An attorney knows to refrain from making demands until the client reaches maximum medical improvement (MMI). MMI occurs when the plaintiff has ended medical treatment and physically improved as much as possible. Until you have reached MMI, it is impossible for your attorney to know how much to demand when making a claim. It is difficult to predict future expenses, and waiting for MMI takes the guessing out of the process.

Even if you have experience with personal injury law, a good attorney is an objective intermediary who will examine all aspects of your case. By hiring our personal injury lawyers in Chico, CA, your case will be evaluated based on the appropriate legal standards. We have experience analyzing accident reports, bills and medical records, along with conducting client interviews designed to collect as much information as possible. By conducting a client interview, our attorneys will have a better picture of the case and can create a legal strategy designed to produce a positive outcome.

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While there are many types of personal injury claims, they each place a significant burden on your emotional, financial and physical health. Our Chico personal injury lawyers understand California injury law and recognize the importance of procuring a fair financial settlement. Although having an attorney may seem like a luxury, he or she will give you peace of mind by protecting your long-term future.

If you have suffered a personal injury or had your property damaged, then contact Peters, Habib, McKenna, Juhl-Rhodes & Cardoza, LLP today at (530) 342-3593 to schedule a consultation. We can address your concerns and make you feel at ease about the legal process.