Understanding Premises Liability and Dog Bites in California


You and your family will probably attend many outdoor events and parties before the summer officially ends. Sometimes at these occasions, other people will bring their dogs. If you have small children or a large family, it’s important that you inform everyone on how to approach unfamiliar dogs, in order to avoid dog bites in California.

How Could I Be a Victim of a Dog Bite?

  • Approaching an unfamiliar dog. You never know if a dog is dangerous or if the dog has a history of biting, so it’s always important to alert children and other family members of this possibility. You should always ask the dog owner if you are allowed to touch and/or pet the dog.
  • Interfering with a dog’s personal space. If a dog is eating, sleeping or grooming itself it will be in a very vulnerable and defensive state. This means that if anyone approaches the dog suddenly or violently, the dog is very likely to defend its personal space and attack. Don’t ever surprise a dog when they are in these situations, and let children know that they can pet and play with the dog when the dog is done with its business.
  • Negligent actions of the dog owner or property owner. A dog owner could be found negligent in a dog bite injury case if he or she allowed someone to pet or be near a dog that they knew was dangerous or had a history of biting. Property owners of parks and other public spaces should also have signs if they allow dogs to roam the grounds of that space.
  • Violation of animal control laws. Dog parks and other public spaces that allow dogs will usually need to follow certain animal control regulations to prevent any dog bite injuries. These include leash laws or laws that permit only certain dogs.

Dog bites are fairly common injuries, and these types of injury cases can be complicated to deal with in court since there are many possible liable parties. Contact Peters, Habib, McKenna, Juhl-Rhodes & Cardoza LLP today to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney about the legal consequences of your dog bite injury.