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Need Legal Help in Chico, California? We Have a Legacy of Help

The founders of our law firm started our practice back in 1896, giving our personal injury lawyers a legacy. With each passing generation, we have represented people from all walks of life. People who have needed help with the law. When neglect has burned down houses, forests, and parks, we have been there to help. Additionally, when criminal charges have threatened to ruin lives, we have helped build defenses. When insurers have tried to dupe insurance laws, we have helped businesses, families, and drivers get the fair claim settlements they deserve. Finally, we have been offering our services as personal injury attorneys for generations. We have tried unique cases from every corner of the law, and that allows us to represent you better. We know when to negotiate, and we know when to go to trial, and that means we will stand up for you.

The Chico law firm of Peters, Habib, McKenna, Juhl-Rhodes & Cardoza, LLP has also represented business clients both big and small. Our long list of representative clients includes cities and municipalities, national and international companies, and local businesses. We have represented the big guys, which helps us represent the little guy, too. Do not let a personal injury, property dispute, or eviction notice go unanswered by the law. Come see what it is like to be defended by a law firm that has over a century’s worth of experience.

What Practice Areas Do Our Chico Attorneys Handle?

At Peters, Habib, McKenna, Juhl-Rhodes & Cardoza, LLP, we defend the victims of personal injuries. However, these are not the only cases we have taken on at our firm. When there have been property disputes over easements, rights of way, and encroachments, we have helped clients face these issues head on. We also have experience helping not only cities, but also law enforcement officials and government employees. We have even provided our services to private citizens looking to settle legal disputes with their city government.

Our attorneys are here for you, especially when tragedy strikes. With smartphones popping up everywhere, distracted driving incidents are on the rise. Innocent people are getting hurt, and riders of motorcycles, bicycles, and pedestrians are especially vulnerable. Injuries from these crashes can be devastating, resulting in chronic pain, disfigurement, and even death. Representing these victims is another responsibility that the personal injury attorneys at Peter, Habib, McKenna, Juhl-Rhodes & Cardoza, LLP take to heart.

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Do I Really Need a Lawyer?

When faced with legal problems, there are a few questions that you need to ask yourself:

  • Will I be able to represent myself?
  • Do I know enough about the law to represent myself?
  • What are the consequences if I represent myself and fail?

Many people neglect to consider these questions when they decide not to acquire the services of a trained attorney. Then, it is that lack of consideration that wreaks havoc on their lives. Here is what an experienced attorney can offer you:

  • Training An attorney has years of training in the law. That training means they know what laws may apply to your case, and which ones do not. This will help focus your case and make it stronger.
  • Experience Like any place of business, the courtroom functions in a certain way. Proper documents must be filed, and evidence must be shared with your opponent. The judge and opposing counsel must be addressed properly, and every judge has their own way of running their courtroom. If you are not familiar with these methods, then it can delay your case, and give your opponent an advantage over you.
  • Focus An attorney with training and experience will be solely focused on your case. If you are injured, you will have to attend to your own medical needs, which will keep you from concentrating on your case. Your job and bills will also steal your focus, keeping you from devoting the time your case needs. If your knowledge of the law is limited, then you will also need to study, which takes even more time. However, a lawyer can shoulder much of this burden for you.

Hurt or Have a Legal Question? Contact Our Chico Law Firm Today

Let an experienced attorney, whose job is to fight for you, help you with your case. Our training, experience and focus can give your case the edge in court. The attorneys at our Chico law firm know when to negotiate and when to go to court. The experience and our legacy of Peters, Habib, McKenna, Juhl-Rhodes & Cardoza, LLP can help your lawsuit. Contact us today for a consultation, and to find out what we can do to help you.

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